An Interview with the Elberta Alert about the Frankfort Tree Board

“The Alert spoke with Bonnie Warren of the Frankfort Tree Board and Jim Grabowski, tree wrangler extraordinaire, ahead of the 8th Annual Arbor Day event at 9:30 a.m. this Friday, April 29. With children, parents, and city officials looking on, a maple will be planted at Frankfort–Elberta Elementary School, where the first of these sylvan celebrations took place in 2004. Frankfort has been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City again this year for the seventh time, and it’s the sixth year they’ve earned a foundation Growth Award. The 2011 Tree City poster was made from an oil painting of the Frankfort beach cannon by the artist Joan Miller. It’s titled Lonely Vigil, and is available for $15 at City Hall, the Bookstore, and Java 429.

The Elberta Alert: What variety of maple will be planted Friday, and why maple?

Jim Grabowski: It’ll probably be an autumn blaze. They’re fast-growing and quickly become good shade trees; they’re a cross between a silver and a red maple, but they have red leaves only in the fall. We usually can’t find big enough sugar maples, and they’re slower growing—we usually plant a twelve-foot, two-inch caliper tree.

EA: How did you get involved with Frankfort and the Tree Board?”

Read the full interview at the Elberta Alert

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