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Northern Michigan Landscaping

Jim Grabowski, circa 1820

Upland Meadow Landscaping is based out of Bear Lake, Michigan.  Our service area covers Manistee and Benzie Counties, with a few projects in Leelanau and Traverse City.

Jim Grabowski has been playing in the dirt making grottoes since he was three years old.  He build his first fireplace at the age of 13.  He started landscaping before he was in high school. When others were mowing, Jim was pruning trees, trimming shrubs, and placing flagstone for the neighbors of West Bloomfield.

He started his own business, Upland Meadow Landscaping, 17 years ago.


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  1. tig says:

    hey bub greeting from france
    happy birthday and all that
    see you this fall i am hopeing
    will bee back inthe states 23 rd of sep chicago maybe see you
    in mi if i can make the time xoxox

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